20 Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

I personally find it hard to develop friendships with people I meet online and through social media. My sometime social awkwardness has the tendency to cross over to the digital world, and I find myself struggling to walk that line between not interacting at all and wondering if I’m being creepily responsive.

In an effort to help bridge the gap, I’ve started a sharing lists, covering a range of topics, to help you get to know me better and start a conversation.

Up this week is random, hopefully interesting, tidbits about yours truly.

  1. I am absolutely terrified of bees and wasps…or anything that has the ability to buzz past my head.
  2. There was a two-year break between my sophomore and junior years in college, during which there was much growing up and self-discovery going on. I became who I am today during this time.
  3. My favorite guilty pleasure food is ice cream. Eat all the ice creams!
  4. I’m a homebody more than anything else. Weekends were I don’t have to leave my house are my favorite.
  5. Given the chance, I could probably eat breakfast for each meal.
  6. My first convention in 2015. It was Wizard World Chicago and I have the Nathan Fillion VIP pass. I have yet to smile that big in any other photo ops I’ve had seen (although I’ve come close) and I will never forget that weekend.
  7. I’m a little sister by five years.
  8. I talk to myself. A lot.
  9. Sunglasses are probably my favorite accessory. At minimum, I probably have 15 different pairs at any given moment.
  10. I love studying the weather and meteorology. For a long time I considered it to be my backup profession should being a businesswoman not work out. I would love to go on a storm chase in Tornado Valley.08799081d025c23d59a74a1bb150af64
  11. I’m a morning person. I start to turn into a pumpkin come 11pm (exceptions provided, of course).
  12. I’m great at conjuring up new ideas and projects. I’m not always so great at completing them.
  13. I’m currently obsessed with pineapple print.
  14. My favorite food is a tie between fried chicken and chicken and noodles.
  15. I love to kayak. I hope to ocean kayak in British Columbia someday.
  16. Karaoke is the best way to pass the time when driving.
  17. The amount of office supplies that I own could probably be considered exorbitant.
  18. I curse like a sailor. Fucking hell is my favorite and most uttered phrase.
  19. I’m a closet hopeless romantic.
  20. I never really grew out of my awkwardness. Instead, it shifted and changed as I got older, and I’ve embraced and accepted it as part of who I am. That’s where my confidence comes from.

Is there something that we have in common or you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments! Or even feel free to share something about yourself that I wouldn’t know! Hope to hear from you!


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