6 Shows I Can Watch on Infinite Loops

I’m not a huge television watcher. Although I’ve gotten better, I’ve always been really bad about remembering or having time to sit down at the same time each week to watch the newest episodes. I have a handful of current shows that I watch, nine times out of ten I’ll be watching it from my DVR.

Even though I do consider watching TV detrimental to the creative process (channel surfing is a real bitch), I also consider it vital in allowing my brain to switch off and become absorbed in something that is completely external.

That being said, there are some shows that I have watched more times over than I can remember or count. They are easy go-to’s that I can turn on when I want background noise or for mindless viewing. And surprisingly enough, this list doesn’t correspond 100% with what I consider my favorite shows.



I do consider Psych to be one of my favorite shows. I also think that it can be credited with being the inspiration for my love on all things pineapple. My sister and I have marathoned the series so many times that my parents have finally stopped asking “are you seriously watching that again?” There is something about the lightheartedness and general hilarity that just sucks me in episode after episode and never gets old. If I could pal around with two fictional characters Shawn and Gus would be high on the list. I was upset when the show was cancelled, but the recent news about there being a movie in the works makes me super excited.

Black Books/The Vicar of Dibley

I added this a 2fer as both series are relatively small (Black Books more so) and are littler known shows heralding from across the pond. I discovered both by chance on Netflix. I love British comedies and, in my opinion, these are near perfect. The trio of Bernard, Manny, and Fran in Black Books are three of the most outlandish yet oddly relatable characters while the zany inhabitants of Dibley in the Vicar of Dibley the heartwarmingly bizarre. I know the episodes by heart but when I’m looking for something light and funny, these are my first stops.

Doctor Who


When I’m looking for something to watch that still needs to hold my attention, I often turn to Doctor Who. Compared to the others up to this point that don’t need much thought in order to watch, Doctor Who can be quite the opposite. The creative minds behind this show have done a fabulous job in weaving a tapestry that is both entertaining and complex. I feel like it’s one of those shows that when it comes to certain storylines, every time you watch you catch something new. Even with sometimes dark and heavy overtones, the stories are still so whimsical and fantastical that I can get lost in it time and time again.

Absolutely Fabulous


You might have noticed a pattern here. I love British television. And aside from Monty Python, Abs Fab is where it all started for me. Sometime in high school I caught the reruns on late night TV and that was all there was to it. I absolutely (no pun intended…okay, well maybe pun intended) love the utter ridiculousness that is Eddy and Patsy, as well as the completely absurd lives that they lead. Jennifer Saunders is a comedic genius who deserves all of the awards.

Band of Brothers


I’m a history nut, and while this may be a stretch as it’s a miniseries, but Band of Brothers was one of the first shows I ever binge-watched. It was also one of the first boxsets I can remember buying myself. It’s a now a yearly tradition for me to sit and watch it over a random weekend, and with every watch. Even though it’s for entertainment purposes, it’s also very accurate. Every time I watch is like a learning exercise, because the more I study WWII on my own, the more detail I catch and better able I am to understand the whole picture of watch is being portrayed.

2 Broke Girls


I love this show. I love Max and Caroline. My best friend actually got me into this show, and I spent several months DVRing the reruns that played on TBS in order to catch with the start of Season 6 last fall. No worries though, I’m a professional so this was a piece of cake. The humor, the not over-the-top hijinks, and the storylines- they all combined to create a classic comedy. While I know not all good things can last forever, this another show that I’m sad to see go. Thank god it’s all on my DVR so I can continue rewatching to heart’s desire.

If you know me at all, you might be surprised to see that Supernatural is not listed here. While Supernatural is definitely my favorite show, I get so invested that I find it hard to rewatch episodes repeatedly. I’ll do a skim through at the end of each season for my recap, but that’s about it. I did do a complete series rewatch last year which I enjoyed because of all the stuff I picked up on the second or third time through, and I’ll do that again in the future, but as far as day to day it just doesn’t make the cut. Maybe it’s because my initial reactions are so intense that I know another viewing so soon after just won’t compare. Or maybe I’m just weird. Okay, it’s probably because I’m weird. But nevertheless, that’s just what it is.

So there you go. A quick list of television shows that I can and have watched again and again and just one more time won’t hurt. Can you relate? Are there shows on your list that aren’t on mine? Let me know if the comments!


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