21 Bookish Facts About Me

As I continue to work to find the right balance of content and increase my exposure in blogging, I’ve decided to introduce what I hope to be at least a biweekly segment where I share a bit more about myself. Sure, blogging is about putting my ideas and opinions out into the world, but for me it is also about making connections, so I want to make it personable and relatable as well.

Each segment will feature a specific topic and will most likely be in list form. I love lists. Seriously…when I’m bored, I have the tendency to start a list for whatever random thought or idea is bouncing around in my head. I might take some inspiration from tags that I’ve seen on Tumblr or YouTube, or it will be original to something I’d like to share or that you might be interested in.

The first list I’m going to do is based on my recent BookTube obsession, and is from a video tag that I’ve seen almost all the BookTubers I follow do. And that is “Bookish Facts About Me.” So here we go!

  1. Harry Potter is my first and one true love.
  2. My grandmother, who was a second grade teacher, once told my parents that she didn’t think I would pass kindergarten because I refused to learn how to read. I kept telling her, in my stubborn three of four year-old Lindsey way, that I would learn to read when I was ready. Then one day I picked up a book and read. And I haven’t stopped since.
  3. I love bookmarks, and I try to match the bookmark to the book that it’s being used for.
  4. I didn’t pick up Harry Potter for the first time until at least three years after Sorcerer’s Stone was released. And it was actually because I finally broke down and watched Sorcerer’s Stone on HBO. Within the next week I had bought and read the first three books and it forever changed my life.
  5. My favorite place to read is in bed.
  6. I wish I could take gorgeous photos like the ones you see on Bookstagram and Booklr.
  7. My biggest dream is to open my own bookstore. I envision it as a warm and inviting space with comfy chairs and an endless supply of coffee and tea where you can just get lost for an afternoon.
  8. I love the look of hardbacks but I like the way paperbacks feel when reading.
  9. On average, I read about 60-65 pages per hour. When I’m really into a book, I can get close to 90 pages per hour.
  10. I have a bad habit of getting so engrossed in a book that I read too quickly. It may sound crazy, I know, but when this happens I’ll have trouble recalling certain details. Or maybe it’s just that my memory really is that bad.b812d6a5a7504a041fe144b80974fce1
  11. I almost always have a book with me. Even when I know that I won’t need it, chances are I’ll still put one in my bag. I think it goes back to spending lunchtimes by myself in school and has turned into my version of a security blanket.
  12. I’ve started two book clubs, neither of which, to my great disappointment, last for more than a few months. I’d like to try again but living in a smaller town and having anxiety about putting myself out there to reach new people makes it hard.
  13. Most of my reading is done before bed. On a typical night it’ll probably be for an hour or two. But if it’s nearing the end or the tension levels are peaking where I previously stopped, it’s not unheard of for me make it an early night so I can finish.
  14. I totally judge books by their covers and I’m not ashamed about it. A book with an interesting title or beautiful cover is going to grab my attention in the right way and has a higher chance of making it into my hands to read the blurb compared to a book that seems a bit more humdrum.
  15. I try to read 3-4 books per month.
  16. Only recently have I started to entertain the idea of collecting more versions of the Harry Potter books. And only recently have I decided that it’s shameful of me to not have realized that before now!
  17. Last year when I had some days off work because I was having new windows installed in my house, I finished a book I was already reading, then started and finished another four books. It was a very productive four days.
  18. When reading a series I prefer that the books are all the same (all paperback or all hardback). But I will break that rule under extenuating circumstances…I’m look at you, Shades of Magic series.
  19. My favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, and speculative fiction.
  20. Very rarely do I re-read books, but I have a library obsession so I always keep the books I buy.
  21. I am currently working on my first novel.

There you go, 21 bookish facts about yours truly.

Let me know some of your bookish facts in the comments. And if you every have an idea or request for a list you like to see me do, leave it in the comments or shoot me a message!



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